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Limoncello has long been Italy’s favourite liqueur. It first became
fashionable a century ago when the zest of fresh lemons was steeped in sugar and alcohol and then enjoyed chilled as an aperitif.

The Pallini family have been producing fine Italian spirits since 1875, when Nicola Pallini started his business in the Italian village of Antrodoco. In 1917, Virgilio Pallini, Nicola’s son moved the business to the very heart of Rome, in the shadow of the Pantheon. There the Pallini family built a reputation
for handcrafting the finest, highest quality spirits for discerning people everywhere.

Pallini Limoncello has its origins in the family’s closely guarded
recipe for a superior Limoncello, which goes all the way back to Virgilio Pallini. Its delicious natural zest comes from the fragrant peel of Sfusato lemons hand picked on the Amalfi coast, and infused for eight months with finest pure spirit. The result is an intense burst of smooth and tangy flavours whose complex citrus tones shine through.

Pallini Limoncello is the world’s no 1 super premium Limoncello brand. Its distinctive award wining packaging is as stylish as the sumptuous drink it pours.

It is a very versatile drink. It can be taken neat and chilled  “classico” or can be a luxurious ingredient for any Mixologist.